About OBB News

OBB News was created to inform, entertain and challenge the reader. Inform about news stories from around the world. Entertain with a humourous slant that makes a mockery out of said stories for others to laugh at, sometimes doing very little to the stories as some write themselves. Challenge because though it is set up in a news formula you should not accept everything you read as fact and should investigate yourself. At least google it.

OBB News is not responsible for idiots who believe what they read as fact as the words satire and fake are on the profile and at the foot or the page. If you link to any story be it on your own head.

Old Knudsen uses real and fake names, people, places and events just like the Bible does and only an idiot would take that literally right?

Please feel free to send legal letters to Google about my content. If I am shut down I shall merely set my blog up again and feature said content on my other far more popular blogs and give triple the amount of exposure as learned by the Diocese of Leeds. Have a sense of humour people.

The title 'Frank Fearless Free' is from a UK tabloid newspaper and as a child I always wondered who Frank Fearless was and what was he free from. I never claimed to be intelligent.

Old Knudsen lives in Killamory on the border of Inisfail and Alba with his black dog of depression. He works at the 'Ohhmm well being clinic' as a Life coach, and works part time at week-ends at the Ohhmm well being suicide chat line / hot line.

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